Hollis Jones & Associates brings together a deep network, real operating experience and a special knack for attracting exceptional talent. They genuinely understood our unique business challenges and then sourced real A-players that were committed to winning big. Their recruits have helped transform us into a high performance organization. Hollis-Jones is my go-to business partner to give us the people edge we need in a highly competitive market.

Tony Muscato
CEO & President, Diamond Crystal Brands

I have had the privilege and good fortune of working with Hollis Jones & Associates on many occasions. Judy is my “go-to” person when I am in need of foodservice talent. Hollis Jones & Associates is well established in our industry with first-hand experience and a network of contacts that have proven invaluable.

Hollis Jones & Associates has a perspective on our business that enables them to completely understand and relate to the requirements for the supply chain searches I have engaged with them. The ability of Hollis Jones & Associates to listen and understand the importance of a “good fit” both professionally and personally have resulted in some fantastic additions to my teams.

Judy also helped me in my personal job search. She was truly concerned about me on a personal level and offered support and encouragement throughout the process. It was evident that her first priority was to ensure that I found the perfect position. Over the years Judy has become a trusted colleague as well as friend. I recommend Judy and the team at Hollis and Associates without hesitation.

Brad Herron
Senior Director, Supply Chain Services and Business Development; A division of Restaurant Services Inc.

In my pursuit for a new career opportunity Judy Hollis of Hollis Jones & Associates was my first call. Judy who I highly trust and respect framed a key job opportunity accurately. She was very professional during the entire process and leveraged her past experiences from her Supply Chain Leadership roles. This experience enabled her to speak with authority to match my skills and career ambitions. I highly recommend Hollis Jones & Associates with your career.

Rick Domhoff
VP National Account Sales for Keystone Foods

Hollis-Jones & Associates’ relationship-oriented approach to executive search and recruiting is unparalleled in the food industry. Judy initiates her client engagements with a deep dive into the client’s goals for the positions which are needed to achieve the company’s strategy overall. Through this process, she develops not only the requisite skills for the position but also gains a sense for the ideal personality and characteristics that the candidate must possess.

Within a relatively short period of time, voila! A slate is presented! HJA’s streamlined approach is highly efficient and respectful of the client’s time.  What we at Brooks Food Group most appreciated about the HJA approach was the customized service and periodic follow up once the candidate was hired. It’s nice to have a trusted advisor checking in on the business and posing some really thought provoking questions!

Robin Brooks
Entrepreneur & Former CEO, Brooks Food Group