We understand that you operate in a pressured, fast-paced environment. Hollis Jones & Associates excels in executive search for Restaurant Executive Operations positions, at the Director and above levels. Due to our well-established network in this segment of the food industry, we can save you a great deal of time in identifying and recruiting candidates for the positions you have open. We can identify individuals who are highly experienced in the aspects of the business important to you, who are excellent leaders and coaches, and who possess the drive to succeed. Our executive search method involves networking, database research, detailed investigation and analysis. Through this proven methodology and our attention to detail, we produce winning results for our clients.

All at Hollis Jones & Associates are food lovers and restaurant enthusiasts. We recognize that restaurants are unique, fast-paced, demanding, and wonderful. We will recruit candidates who possess the talent, passion, experience, stamina, composure, and self-awareness to inspire others by example. Your restaurant’s success is dependent on their management, and we will ensure that the candidates we select for you have the experience necessary to meet all the challenges facing your business and the industry. We will seek out individuals who understand restaurant operations, food safety, employee safety, customer service, systems, and the myriad of other knowledge needed to successfully lead in the restaurant environment. We recognize that restaurant operations requires great people skills, as well as adaptability to changing environments, and we will find the individuals who will fit well in the fast-paced business you run.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on, personalized approach to each search. Our reputation is built on our professionalism, timeliness, and exceptional results. We are eager to partner with you to find the talent you need.

Contact us at Judy@hollisjones.com or 502-454-4628. We look forward to helping you succeed!