Distribution is the lifeline of the food industry and Hollis Jones & Associates has enjoyed success filling standard, and at times, unusual, roles in this industry segment. With Judith Hollis’s Supply Chain background, she spent years in collaboration with foodservice, equipment, and systems distributors. She is very familiar with the roles and technical requirements, and her familiarity assists her to identify the right candidates for you.

Whether your company is a multinational corporation or a regional, family-owned business, Hollis Jones & Associates is experienced at finding the right candidates to fill open positions in your business. We know that your company prides itself on your quality, service, efficiency and dependability, and we will identify individuals for your firm who will meet your standards.

During the process of the search, we will keep you informed of progress, of candidates, of assessment results, and be your true partner every step of the way. Our reputation is one of honesty and professionalism.

Contact us today at Judy@hollisjones.com or 502-454-4628. We look forward to making the job easier for you to recruit the right executive, and look forward to talking to you.