Hollis Jones & Associates has extensive experience in recruiting in the culinary and R&D disciplines in the food industry. We love the food industry, and understand these specialized segments of the field. We have filled highly customized positions in these roles, including:

  • Vice President, Innovation
  • Director of Research & Development
  • Director Culinary
  • Corporate Chefs
  • Executive Chefs

We have also filled other positions in the culinary field. The culinary business is booming, with constant changes, trends, and movement; that’s why we stay informed and up to date on developments through our reading, travel, restaurant dining, networking, attending culinary events, and doing other research.

We will be able to identify and interview innovative candidates who will be a precise fit for your business; who will possess the creativity, work ethic, and track record to shine as a part of your team. We will find an individual who belongs in your culture, who shares your passion for the field. We deliver executives who possess humor, patience, panache and who love the work they do. They will transmit this to your business and their energy will be infectious, motivating others around them.

The individuals we present to you will be people with great creativity, energy and enthusiasm for their work. Contact us at Judy@hollisjones.com or 502-454-4628. We are eager to help you solve your latest hiring challenge!